Cricut Design Space

What is Cricut Design Space?

Cricut Design Space is the software that you use to communicate with your Cricut machine. It is what you use to design, upload, or choose the design that you will make with your Cricut. You can actually watch the video below to see all of the information about Cricut Design Space. Just click play to watch.

Cricut Design Space is a complementary application for production using automated cutting tools from Cricut. Cricut Design Space is the application you ought to have to utilize your Cricut, whether you’re a user, a novice or merely thinking about acquiring your device for many years.

What to do when Cricut Design Space Not Working ?

Design Space is a companion app that works with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore family smart cutting machines. Compatible with desktop, mobile PC tablets and phones, this web-based program allows you to browse thousands of images, ready-to-make projects, and fonts in the Cricut Library, or design your own project from scratch.

Cricut Design Space includes the following features:

  • Choose from over 60,000 images, fonts, and ready-to-make projects—or use your own images and fonts for FREE.
  • Upload and edit most image types (.jpg, .gif., .png, .bmp, .svg, and .dxf)
  • Sign in with your Cricut ID to access your images and projects and for easy checkout when making purchases on or in Cricut Design Space.
  • Bluetooth wireless capability (wireless Bluetooth adapter may be required, sold separately)
  • App syncs across all your devices, so you can design whenever inspired.

  • Steps to Download and Install Cricut Design Space

    Cricut Design Space can be installed on your windows or Mac computers as well as it can also be installed on Android mobile apps and Ios Devices. To Download and install the cricut design space follow the steps given below :-

  • Open an internet browser and go to Cricut Design Space.
  • Select Download. During the download, the screen will change. This will be a little different with every browser. Google Chrome is used in this example.
  • When the download is complete, double-click the file in the browser or in your Downloads folder.
  • If a window opens to ask if you trust the application, select the option to trust the application.
  • A setup window displays installation progress.
  • Sign in with your Cricut ID and password.
  • A Design Space for Desktop icon automatically gets added to your desktop screen. Right-click on the icon and choose Pin to Taskbar or drag the icon to the Taskbar to pin the shortcut within easy reach.
  • Enjoy using Design Space for Desktop!

  • FAQ

    How to download Cricut Design Space app?

    It`s really easy to download Cricut Design Space app. Cricut Design Space is a free app that allows you to access the library of Cricut designs and layer them to create your own projects. You can download Cricut Design Space for Windows, on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Cricut Design Space app download is also available as a free download for Mac and PC.

    To download the app, click on the bottom Cricut Design Space Download.

    How do I install Cricut Design Space app for Windows?

    Open Cricut Design Space by either double-clicking on the icon or by clicking the start button on your computer, then going to all programs and clicking on the program.

    Once Cricut Design Space opens, you will be directed to to create an account. Once you open an account, you will be directed back to Cricut Design Space where you can log in.

    Once you log into Cricut Design Space download for Windows, you can follow the on screen instructions. You can also go to the Getting Started Guide to learn more about Cricut Design Space.